Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marilyn Chambers

She died on Easter Sunday aged 56.

1972 was, of course, the year that porno briefly became "chic", entirely due to a triumvirate of films that have lost little of their iconic stature three and a half decades further down the line. Queens hairdresser turned quim artist Gerard Damiano unleashed the double whammy of DEEP THROAT and DEVIL IN MISS JONES while the ultimately tragic Mitchell Brothers pooled their considerable talents and resources for the very different BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. Different in its approach to erotica, making a serious bid for highbrow respectability rather than just content to stimulate its audience's groin area, it was clearly intended to appeal to women as well as men.

As a result, the female contingent of its viewer-ship during its initial theatrical run at the brothers' fabled O'Farrell cinema was rumored as being uncharacteristically high. Though exact numbers are nigh impossible to come by, it has also been documented elsewhere that an inordinate amount of female buyers procured the cassette when it was launched on its particularly profitable video career.
(from IMDB)

I actually saw the movie in the cinema mentioned on the occasion of my only visit to San Francisco in 1973 and was seduced for more years than were professionally healthy by the notion that porn could also have aesthetic values, narrative coherence and acceptance by an audience of both genders.

However in the nineties I abandoned this high moral stance and descended into the abyss of soap opera. May I be forgiven.

Rest in peace, Miss Ivory Snow!

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