Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do-it-yourself, differently

To make video content you need equipment, right? Wrong!

Today, thanks to the folks at We Make Money Not Art I learn of video sniffin'.

Mediashed involved a group of kids who usually hang around in the streets to engage in Video sniffin' activities and turn CCTV into a free broadcasting system for their own use. "Why would you want to buy some video equipment when there are already so many cameras around for you to use?" They bought in a high street store some relatively cheap and small devices which can sniff out the street for signals broadcast by wireless CCTV networks. Using the surveillance images captured, the kids then created their own movie.

Use this link to learn more and watch a much more refined use of video sniffin'.

I must admit that I'd hesitate to use this technology-workaround here in the Sandlands, however.

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