Monday, October 01, 2007

Abu Dhabi notes

This I like! Two reports quoted below:

Abu Dhabi is set to boost its tourist appeal this October when the capital launches a London icon on its roads this fall - a fleet of ‘London Taxi' style limousines.

Abu Dhabi, one of seven emirates in the UAE, also includes the bustling business and tourism hub of Dubai.

Wait! Dubai relegated to being a mere neighbourhood in our capital city? Now that's news (as read in the Australian newspaper, The Age). How one missing word can be so important...

More local stuff... but again with some confusion. The illustration at the left is of what first sounds like a mental and totally hare-brained new advertising medium that, in all honesty, might just take off (boom boom)!

Think posters on the ground, five acres in size, visible by passengers in airplanes, well, at least those with window seats. AdAir is described in a Reuters article here, which says that the first implementation will be in Dubai. Although Consumerist.Com claims that it will be, yes, in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dabi's Yas Island is is where the new Formula One track is to be built.

It will also feature, we are told, a Warner Brothers theme park.

Yowza! This will be advertised prominently and will catch my attention when we fly into the new, expanded AUH airport; there I shall jump into my irridescent pearl coloured London taxi (circumnavigating, of course, the rough and tumble inner city area which is Dubai, to meet the chap shown below.

With whose sentiments I thoroughly agree.

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