Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CPM #2

For just over ten days I had no need of my protective shell. Here in the Sandlands I tend to limit my socializing in order to avoid indulging in the usual expatriate whinging which bores me as much as it should bore those on the receiving end.

As soon a I hit European shores I become sociable and communicative, to an extent which amazes me after building the construct of routines and rituals, the adequately robust line of defense behind which I retreat like a hermit and pretend ignorance of the agonizing absurdities of the Sandlands.

That my day job permits me to shuck my carapace twice each year - for the international television program markets and conferences in Cannes each April and October - is a blessing. I am inclined to install on my computer's desktop a widget counting down the days to the next event.

Of course, not all of the meetings are held on luxurious boats in the harbour...

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