Monday, October 22, 2007

Webisodics update

Web mystery series "Prom Queen," produced by former Walt Disney Co Chief Executive Michael Eisner, is heading to France and Japan under deals that will revamp the short Web films into programming for local audiences.

"Prom Queen" has drawn media industry interest by making a case for how entertainment tailored to the Internet can be extended to cell phones and other media outlets. Now it will take a step further, with overseas deals to develop it into programming for everything from television to DVDs.

Eisner's new media studio Vuguru will produce and distribute the localized versions with Japan's Rights Entertainment, including manga and anime formats, and France's Cyber Groupe in deals built with former Disney executives.

It is one of the first few ventures to take dramatic programming created for the Web and revamp it for television and other audiences, Eisner said. More here.

Roommates is a new entry in the genre for MySpace. From the snarky comment below, probably not in the PromQueen category.

The audience they have in mind must be those adolescent males everyone is after, as the first episode features one of the girls standing in her underwear scolding her dog, followed by some girl-on-girl farting.

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