Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hishik Bishik

In Arabian Business magazine MIshal Kanoo explains the phrase... and doles out some justified criticism of television broadcasting in the region.

"If we cast a critical eye on the nearly 430-plus Arabic channels that broadcast to the Arab world, we find that only a handful are what one could call in relative clarity proper channels. These are channels that one could either get informed by, educated from, or even benefit from.

However you find that what these channels promote, and yes this is the proper word to use here, is utter garbage and brain-numbing rubbish. Instead these channels became the perfect vehicle to turn a normal, healthy person into a vegetable.

Even more unfortunate is that the only channels that even have a remote chance of becoming financially viable are these. In Arabic slang, these channels, are known as the "hishik bishik", which refers to the uncouth dancing on the streets."

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