Sunday, November 11, 2007

A second year of blogging?

It becomes habit. A self-indulgent one, at that, of interest to very few readers. In the year that I've been posting to this blog I've published 333 items, not quite the total of one per day which I had in mind.

Monthly visitors have amounted to between two and three hundred. But an 80% bounce rate means, as far as I understand the metrics, that many have landed on the blog accidentally and almost instantly moved on. How I am to reconcile this with the fact that on average I receive 40% repeat visitors I don't quite know.

An interesting year it was; I remain convinced that the experiment with was well worth undertaking; my motto DIYLBM stands (do-it-yourself low-budget media).

So, yes, I shall continue. And I shall try to take more time to look 'under the hood' of the blogging machine to see if there are ways in which I can reach a wider readership.

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Keefieboy said...

Well, noo. Start with a bigger blogroll. Leave comments on blogs you like - chances are those bloggers will visit, like and link to your blog. My 2 fils.