Sunday, December 16, 2007

BBC website's new look

They've made a giant stride in the direction of Web 2.0 with the re-vamped site which permits a high degree of customization. The philosophy is succinctly stated in the paragraph below, which I shall print in 96pt type on an A4 sheet and pin on my board (next to my "Content is king!" banner).

"We wanted to build the foundation and DNA of the new site in line with the ongoing trend and evolution of the Internet towards dynamically generated and syndicable content through technologies like RSS, atom and xml. This trend essentially abstracts the content from its presentation and distribution, atomizing content into a feed-based universe. Browsers, devices, etc therefore become lenses through which this content can be collected, tailored and consumed by the audience."

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Keefieboy said...

You wouldn't want to translate it into English first? I doubt I've seen a paragraph so rich in buzzwords!