Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Christmas gift via cyberspace

This post is less whimsical than some I've been making of late, but again unapologetically self-referential and thus tagged life-cache.

What happened was this. An email asked me to confirm my Facebook friendship with someone I'd last seen about forty-five years ago, when she and I and many others (including the two at the left who are a mere year younger than I am) were part of a Chelsea clique which was - thinking back - really rather a cool crowd.

The one standing is Jeremy, his seated partner Chad, whose flat I moved into with wife one when the duo went off to be part of the mid-sixties British musical invasion of the States.

What a joy to learn that Chad and Jeremy, like me now sexagenarians, are still touring and dropped in to visit my Facebook friend in Seattle, Washington, quite recently.

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