Monday, December 03, 2007


Ahmad Humeid blogs from Amman, Jordan, and is always pithy and perspicacious. Today he expresses deep-felt concern with regard to the misfortunes of the English teacher in the Sudan, a story I feel disinclined to comment on.

Last week he posted the picture shown above and wrote:

"The financial managers of the major daily [Jordanian] newspapers are very happy these days. They see a river of money flowing into their already overflowing bank accounts as they publish page after page of ads from companies and citizens congratulating the new government and parliament members."

I've seen similar advertising in this corner of the Sandlands, too. Finding it cringe-worthy in the extreme I was relieved when a local acquaintance explained it. "If a powerful hegemonic dignitary sneezes, subaltern enterprises and anxious-to-please individuals alike feel obliged to take out a yardage of column inches to say Gesundheit!"

Nicely put. If we could extend the custom to the Western world it might be the salvation of the newspaper industry!

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