Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 blogging

To the fourteen percent of my visitors who did not bounce straight off the site, my thanks and best wishes for the coming year. 2,738 visits in year, without any SEO effort on my side.

The USA accounted for 785 visits 28.67% of all, 225 of these from California, a quarter of whom visited more than once.

UAE-based readers made 753 visits, 27.5% of all, 308 of these from Dubai, almost three-quarters of all visitors checked the site more than once and contributed to an average of 4'30" on the site per visit. I must have seemed at least marginally relevant to fellow Sandlanders.

From the
UK there were 276 visits, of which 104 were from the capital. But hardly more than 30% were repeat visitors.

Germany brought 154, visitors from Berlin marginally more than those from Munich.

France delivered 125, notably more repeat visitors than in most territories at 57%. And 50 visits from Montpellier, my favourite French town.

Italy 103, Spain 60, etc. etc. Motto for 2008? Can't. Not. Blog!

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