Monday, January 21, 2008

Digital. Life. Design

That's the name of a conference which I just found out about. Go here to the website and wonder at the calibre of the speakers, the great and good of the Web 2.0 world all gathered here... here in Munich!

Jason Calacanis, Jimmy Wales, Marissa Meyer of Google, Esther Dyson, Michael Arrington, Matt Cohler of Facebook, Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, Lars Hinrichs, Joanna Shields of Bebo were just some of the speakers.

Jeff Jarvis was also there, he had "discussions last night at a Munich blogger meetup about whether Facebook will make inroads in Germany. StudieVZ is the killer social site here; it concentrates primarily on students but it has the long headstart and it is local."

At a session devoted to creativity the keynote speaker was the author Paul Coelho.

And Martha Stewart was interviewed by Tyler Brülé (whose Monocle magatine is the only 'dead trees' publication I permit myself).

All this hosted by Hubert Burda.

Says Jeff Jarvis, covering the event in his blog, "Burda is the most social corporation I know. That’s no doubt because its chairman, Huburt Burda, loves people and playing host to them. I’ve been to dinners and parties from New York to Davos where he and his lieutenants bring together incredibly diverse and interesting bunches of people. They’ve just brought 1,000 people to Munich for their conference. I’ve seen that being a gracious host pay dividends to Burda. They bring in new ideas and talent and relationships. Most companies I know are not at all social. They live in their own buildings and worlds. Not just people are becoming more social. Companies must become social."

Okay, I wasn't able to attend the T.E.D. events either. And D.L.D. also will allow me to catch up digitally. But it would have been cool to be there live.

Consolation is to be found in the video below, Royskopp's take on the very modern world we live in.

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Anonymous said...

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