Monday, January 14, 2008

Moxy, Freem and the Arab street

The photo pblished in today's Gulf News shows the thousands who descended to fill the streets of Dubai, to show their gratitude to the city's highly estemmed visitor, George W. Bush, for all he has brought to the region...


Right, the thousands were sitting fuming and cursing in the traffic jams caused when the authorities suddenly decided to close the principal arteries of the city which even at the best of times is impossibly traffic clogged.

Somebody probably thought that these closures might cause some... inconvenience perhaps. So at the very last minute it was decreed that today, the 14 January, should be a public holiday!

Brilliant wheeze! Sandlander is not competent to judge whether bringing Dubai to a stand-still was a neccessary security measure. But I think we must be allowed to speculate as to how we might appropriately celebrate GWB day on 14 January 2009. Suggestions hereby solicited.

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