Thursday, January 31, 2008

Playful nostalgia

In German there is an invented word for a special nostalgia wuith regard to life in the East prior to the fall of the Berlin wall. East being 'Ost', the term is Ostalgia.

Which goes some way to explaining the image above. It should remind automobile cognoscenti of the old Trabant, the most ubiquitous car on the East German roads back in the day.

But the designer has assumed that by now, if the Trabant were still in production, there would have been a 'face lift' and today's version might look like this.

The vehicle is selling well as a plastic scale model. And, as shown on the left, you can make a 'New Trabi' with nothing more than paper and glue.

But wait! There's talk of actually building this design as a Trabi for the twenty-first century.

To be perfectly hones I find the design cute! I hope the porject takes off.

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nzm said...

Love it!

It looks like a suped-up version of my old 1962 Austin A40 Farina that I used to own.

Much to my brother's disgust, it had a lower drag coefficient that his much more modern VW Golf!