Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tricky days ahead

[Phot: ParisDailyPhoto, borrowed shamelessly]

It's hard for me to imagine a French brasseries or Bavarian beer-hall with nobody smoking.

Since such establishments will again figure in my life during the coming months it's hard for me to know how I'm going to feel as a long-time smoker.

Oh I know, I shall be far healthier if I cut down. I was duly warned as a youngster that [a] smoking will stunt my growth and [b] result in premature demise. So I'm six-foot four and, in 2008, a mere two years short of the threescore-and-ten.

I wonder if the inevitable tweak I must make in my habits will plunge me into bitter melancholy? Will the stress of withdrawal permeate my smoking-reduced blog posting? Is there an alternative? Time will tell.

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