Thursday, January 10, 2008

The weather report

How ironic to learn that at home in the Sandlands people are complaining about an unusually cold spell. An overnight low of 10 degrees in Abu Dhabi is, of course, uncomfortable if one has become used to being spared the rigours of any kind of wintery weather.

Just after seven I watched from my hotel room window as the sun rose. This morning in Munich it was an undramatic six degrees at six in the morning. But nevertheless I need shoes stouter than the various Tods I acquired over the years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There will be snowfall to reckon with yet.

From the window of my workplace, appropriately designated Visitor's Office, I can see the planes taking off from the Munich airport when, as today, a clear blue sky permits.


Keefieboy said...

Congratulations on the new office - it looks about three times the size of my piso in Madrid. We still haven't got used to the cold: I don't know if you ever can once you've had your blood melted in the Middle East!

nzm said...

Keefie - yesterday it went down to 24 from 37 on Thursday, and Jen was complaining - even when she knows that she'll be back to lower in Berlin next week!