Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I rather liked the knowing take on romance that the graphic designer here adopted.

The Love.Inc design I saved months ago when I stumbled on it and reckoned it would be a fitting post for the 14th of February - only slightly ironic, but from one who is seen as more sentimental than romantic quite appropriate.

But perusing my blog roll this morning I chanced upon the latest post by PetiteAnglaise. Those who have like me followed her adventures in Paris, as single mum and as about-to-be-published author now learn that she's also about-to-be-married.

Did I say sentimental? Suddenly the post-modern take on Valentine's Day is just not quite adequate. So I'll close the post with a traditional image, and wish all lovers - in particular PetiteAnglaise and her Boy - all the luck in the world.

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