Monday, March 17, 2008

Dubai filtering again

Far away from the Sandlands still, I now have the ability to update my Flickr pages. I can blog to my heart's content, I can access any website I choose to visit.

Of course I realize that I am in great danger; I no longer have the paternal hand of Etisalat or Du over me to ward off perverse assaults on my moral fibre, to filter content which might disturb me, or...

Eheu fugaces... I remember the last time Secret Dubai was blocked. I hope that now she's free and that her well-reasoned post concerning the naiveté of the Emirates' media policies can be widely read.

Part of the problem in Dubai is that far too many senior officials have no perspective when it comes to local press versus international coverage. They have a very "village green" attitude, and will obsess over a perceived impertinence in a local rag read predominantly by Jumeirah Janes and Tecom commuters while ignoring serious social and political problems that get picked up by global heavyweights such as the FT and the Economist.

Follow the link in the blogroll to read the full piece which, as usual, refects SD's tough love for ther Sandlands.

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secretdubai said...

When you're back, assuming that you don't have a VPN and that you want to read my blog ;) you can tryhere.