Thursday, March 20, 2008

From today, for the next six months, the days will be longer than the nights. For me, that's the importance of the equinox.

That it's the first day of spring I find hard to believe, with a lazy flurry of snowflakes dancing outside the office window.

On this day five years ago I watched the Americans bombing Baghdad on television.

This day we are on the threshold of the Easter season, with bunnies and eggs uppermost in our minds and only for very few thoughts of what once transpired in Jerusalem.

There they are celebrating the Purim festival, supposedly with many kinds of merry-making and mockery.

Mockery, however, will not be a characteristic of today's observations in the Sandlands, on the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet (pbuh).

Just another Thursday, basically, although one which carries an unusual amount of symbolic baggage.

Since my accommodation in Munich does not permit me to go online there'll be a four-day blogging hiatus. In the meantime, Happy Whatever!

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