Monday, April 28, 2008

How I know it's my newspaper

Saturday's fat weekend edition of The Guardian was, as always, a thoroughly enjoyable read. Of course nowadays, in the age of Web 2.0 we have the facility to put together the perfect news read by pulling content from a variety of sources. But when The Guardian does such a good job of catering to exactly my interests, I don't need any other widgetized wisdom.

Take the Guide which came with the Saturday paper; 92 pages packed with information and titled Make Video. This was so comprehensive and so plain readable that I'd be tempted to order copies and insist that any video crew working for me re-read it before going off on their assignment. Because while the intended reader is the hobby videographer, the writers have fully realized that pro video is changing now that new and inexpensive technology is in the hands of all, amateur and professional alike. In every way the tone of the guide echoed my mantra, DIYLBM; 'do-it-yourself low-budget media'.

In the main paper there were two articles which spoke directly to me. One compared the relationship of the United States to Canada with the relationship between England and Scotland: claiming that in both cases the smaller, wetter, colder northern neighbour could become a magnet for those seeking a gentler, more progressive and more caring society. The writer is dead scared of Boris Johnson! Stirring stuff!

Another story looked askance at the Palm Jumeirah, heaping scorn on the notion of millionaire's villas being sited with the kind of promiscuous proximity normally encountered on a camping site frequented by the hoi polloi! Much chuckling after reading that.

The travel section was exclusively devoted to holidays the insular Brits could enjoy without recourse to air or automobile travel. This railway wonk rejoiced.

I could go on, but doing so would oblige me to create a new tag for posts such as this... GuardianFanboy!

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