Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Now this is cool!

Harking back to my post earlier today, I'd like to suggest that with this car, the NmG (which stands for No More Gas) the Hamdaniyah-wearing extroverts could really stand out as bleeding-edge cool.

Item from Inhabitat

The design sits halfway between a car and a motorbike so the manufacturers prefer to call it a ‘Personal Electric Vehicle’, or PEV. And because the US Department of Transportation classifies the NmG as a motorcycle, it’s permitted to go on highways traveling to speeds around 75mph while other electric vehicles are legally limited to speeds of 35mph or less. A speedier drive is also likely because the NmG is allowed in many carpool lanes, due to being ‘fully occupied’ by the driver alone.

More information here at the manufacturer's website.

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