Wednesday, April 23, 2008

St. George's Day

I know, the headline promises a Brit rant, an articulation of aspirational anglophilia.

But no, as a Scot I shall reserve any outburst of patriotism for St. Andrew's Day.

But the Bavarian lady with whom I signed a contract this morning pointed out that the day is that of England's patron saint, who is regarded by the faithful here as a bringer of good fortune. All of which gives me the excuse to post the illustration below... of St. George's Church, in Edinburgh, where my father was minister for several years prior to our emigration to America.

So, to the contract by which said lady becomes my Munich landlady. It took a few months to find anyone prepared to rent to a Sandlander who is not, repeat not, intent on settling again in Germany, who is perfectly content to be resident in Abu Dhabi but working closely with clients in France and Germany as well as in the Emirates.

But the tiny studio flat in Munich, my secondary domicile, is for me of great import. All the stuff I gathered around me during my wanderings around Europe and never even considered shipping at huge cost to Abu Dhabi has been in storage since the last millennium! Finally I'll be seeing it all again, unpacking mementos of years and decades past, scanning and digitizing like there's no tomorrow.

There will be new waist-high Billy bookshelves to fill with that which last century I couldn't bring myself to throw out. Mallard will be on top of one of them, in all its splendour. There will be abundant fodder for this blog, and readers are asked to forgive me in advance of many posts which will unashamedly merit only the life cache tag.

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