Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tempus fu**it: Unconscionable name dropping

More discoveries in the archives I have re-opened after the years they have been in storage.

It's just a snapshot of Sandlander taken by a mate when both of us were on a tram en route to the Frankfurt Book Fair 1979.

For a start I find the photo very flattering; it suggests things about me which I only wish were true!

Today such a snap would reach me either by BlueTooth transfer to my cell phone, as a Flickr share or email attachment. How quaint that in those days it could be sent to me as a post card print.

Wondering what happened to the photographer I discovered that, amazingly enough, even he has grown older! Jean C. Pigozzi, whose papa was the founder of the Simca automobile manufacture in France, is now recognized as an authoritative collector of African art. But as the photo below indicates he still has an eye for the pretty girls, in this instance Princess Olga of Greece, the niece of King Constantine.

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