Monday, June 09, 2008

Yorkshire lasses

What a great shot documenting Catherine Sanderson's marriage at the weekend. Her husband, named The Boy on her Petite Anglaise blog, looks understandably pleased with himself, having not only won the affections of one of the best novelists to emerge from the blogosphere but also of her daughter!

Natalie Dybisz is also from 'oop north'. We are, I think, used to her surprising us with her photography, particularly her clone composite shots signed Miss Aniela. She surprises today on her blog, however, with an insightful commentary about the UK television show The Apprentice. Her writing is insightful, opinionated and enjoyable reading. So she can write as well as shoot photos...

Which leads me to
David Dunkley Gyimah's comments on his Viewmag blog, in which he underlines the advantages of having a wide range of skills if contemplating a professional a future of cross-platform multi-discipline media.
"If you could combine the skill of radio, the art of motion graphics, the eye of photography, the mis en scene and arcing of cinema with the compositional language of television, newspapers and blogs provocativeness, and behaviour of online, I believe we'd be closer to understanding Video Journalism.
We've really just started to dabble with video and its potential, so for the moment a point-and-shoot approach may just do. In film it could be styles of the 1920s - French Cinema - Von Trier's Dogme and then the more agitated film making of late in 24, Bourne, The Shield, where singular narratives entwine with multiple ones and the camera exposes multiple points of view."

I reckon there'll be some Yorkshire lasses who get the message very fast!

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