Friday, July 04, 2008

Bonus video

Just in case some other readers, who are also big fans of imagery, have not heard about Animoto, here's the result of my first effort using this web-based application.

It is so incredibly simple. You upload JPGs, then a suitable MP3 and what you get back is not unlike the result of a three or four hour session with a very talented video editor! I just took some shots I've downloaded over the years from Sartorialist and from Facehunter and, voila, a dynamic montage to admittedly naff music. If you want a project longer than 30 seconds you'll have to pay about 20 Euros as an annual inclusive fee.

I see many (better planned) projects ahead... Hmm, all my snapshots from the sixties set to the Kinks Dedicated Follower Of Fashion?

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