Thursday, July 10, 2008

Telekom spot

I saw this spot a couple of times while watching the Silverstone Grand Prix on RTL Television last Sunday. It has a tugging-the-heartstrings emotionality which I find far from Teutonic...

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nzm said...

I've been viewing this ad too, on our meanderings around Deutschland over the past 10 days.

We're currently with J's parents in Bad Karlshafen, not far from Kassel.

When the ad came on last night, we asked her parents (in their 70s) if they knew about Paul Potts and the UK Talent show.

They didn't have a clue - they thought that the whole ad (including the Talent Show) had been made up just to showcase the Telekom products.

Which proves that J's parents:
- are not Telekom's target market
- are not part of the YouTube/viral messaging generation
- don't give a damn. :-)

Your post title "Telekom spot" reminds me of the highly successful, early 90s campaign that NZ Telecom ran, featuring an intelligent fox terrier called Spot, who was used to depict the Services and Products Of Telecom NZ.

Some of those can be found here on YouTube.