Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now when I was young...

Yes, curmudgeonly inclined today, in spite of tomorrow being a day off in Bavaria, where no Roman Catholic high or holy day goes uncelebrated.
Curmudgeonly, because back in the day when I used typewriter ribbon as a matter of course (and for I while I did collect the tins they came in) the ultimate in entertainment technology at home was a Decca Radiogram. School blazer with built in iPod controls, eegad, what's this generation coming to?

Never mind, it will be her turn to be gobsmacked by what comes up a further quarter-century down the line.

Which brings me to Emmanuelle Béart who has a 43rd birthday to celebrate. Almost her very first film was one of David Hamilton's movies, Premiers Désirs, made just after I relinquished my position as his business affairs manager.
She still looks great, I think all will agree. Guess who is singing on the soundtrack? Yup, its Carla!

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