Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pattern cutting

The photo comes, I think, from the awesome Ffffound website I recommended a little while back. Yes, I do like cats, I have happy memories of an elegant Siamese and a chocolate-coloured Egyptian who were part of my household in Berlin in the nineties.

But I am posting the photo because it comes close to visualizing an environment I could be very much at home in. My cat would be less fluffy, though, but I like the open shelves and I'd have that iMac on the desk, too. But the odd thing is that the sewing machine resonates as well. Both my wives and at least two of my girlfriends were expert and creative seamstresses. I was permitted often to help with the boring bits of sewing this or that. And I have often thought that I would hugely enjoy sewing as a hobby.

Is it too late to harbour the fanstasy of being a Scottish Karl Lagerfeld? I fear it a bit late in the day to launch the Sandlander label! A kilted teddybear would be cool. I also have a soft spot for teddys but with the KL version made by Steiff costing, I understand, USD 1,500 my next will more likely be the seventeen dollar Edwardian USB stick on which I can store more of the piffle I seem to be turning out these days...

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