Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend video

Well, I would have posted this on Friday but I was off-line for the day, working in my un-connected Munich flat.

The original Beverly Hills 90210 was very important to me back in the nineties. Lest readers find it somewhat suspect that an ageing gentleman should be interested in teen entertainment, I should add that at the time I was professionally active as producer of soap operas which very successfully entertained the youth of Germany. I was an admirer of the BH 90210 showrunner, Aaron Spelling, and tried to incorporate much of his thinking into series such as Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten (which is still running fifteen years after my stint at the helm on the RTL channel, and with a very respectable 28.7 percent audience share last Thursday, too!).

On one point, however, I found Spelling's approach wrong. I felt that teenage characters should be played by teenage actors, not twenty-somethings as in the US series.

The excellent FlowTV blog has this post which addresses the age issue in the context of the new season of BH 90210, redux on American television in the autumn.

To be perfectly honest, the trailer leads me to believe that the old show was more to my taste. But that could just be me getting old...

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