Tuesday, August 12, 2008

With new eyes

Since Friday I see the world differently, possibly in the way I took for granted thirty years ago (when the photo on the left was snapped). I am fascinated by the three-dimensionality I have rediscovered, thanks to prescription lenses fitted into RayBan Aviator frames.

I've worn glasses for reading and computer work for many, many years. But only recently I found myself concerned by the fact that when not consuming a book, scanning the pages of the Guardian or looking at the monitor I was getting a very slightly blurred view of the world. So it turned out that in one eye I have become short sighted while the other remains long sighted as it always was... easily compensated for by the friendly Schwabing optician.

Two thoughts, though. How easy it is to be in denial about minor defects such as impaired sight, to to live with the status quo, to ignore the fact that something could be done. And how annoying it's going to be when I hit Abu Dhabi at the end of the month, exiting the chilled office building, confronting high humidity and being for a good minute absolutely bloody blind when the condensation clouds the lenses of my new gig-lamps!

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