Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camera revolution - the proof!

This is the camera, the body on sale for little more than 2,000 Euros.

What it can do can be seen here in a short film titled "Reverie".

What this all implies for the future of visual storytelling it will take me a while to figure out.


nzm said...

Malcolm - the image that you show here is the 5D Mark I which didn't have movie functionality.

What you want is this one here and DP Review hasn't yet released a price for it, but rumoured to be about US$3000.

I guess that the folks attending photokina this week will know by now!

Side-by-side comparison between the 5D Marks I & II here.

I want one now damnit.

Macthomson said...

Thanks,nzm! The right picture is now displayed.