Thursday, September 18, 2008

Change of plan

One reason I was moaning about the weather on Tuesday was the fact that when it's cold the Oktoberfest is not as much fun as when Petrus smiles. And I was looking forward to my first Wiesn visit for over ten years, with daughter in dirndl as it should be.

But the week has seen a flurry of emails from my client in the Sandlands and so I'll be flying to Abu Dhabi on Saturday, just for a week. After seven days of Ramadan restraint I'll really be thirsty for a big Bavarian beer when I get back!

It's almost nine months since I took on the assignment which brought me back to Germany and I had expected to be returning to Abu Dhabi for about two weeks every two months. It didn't turn out quite like that. And so I think that when I fly back I'll have most of my personal belongings with me, probably just leaving the symbolic bottle of champagne in the fridge in my flat...

But, yes, finally returning is defintely exciting. It always puzzled me that shops like Giordano stocked real winter items; now I'm looking forward to some shopping for cheap cold-weather gear which will nevertheless not be immediately recognized as being from Zara or H&M...

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