Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer's end

In Bavaria the school summer holidays are a measly six weeks. This year the weather gods have gifted us cycles of two or three fine days followed by a couple of stormy ones, definitely a contrast to the climate I got used to in the Sandlands.

Now we shall soon be celebrating Oktoberfest, which begins of course in September. The beer will flow and, again, cost an unconscionable price-per-litre (the standard glass being that size) and with a bit of luck there'll be an Indian summer to go with all the fun of the fair.

I wanted to post two snapshots today, but unfortunately I couldn't locate the photo of my daughter on her first day of school, off to take her place in Class One with brand new satchel and goody-bag and a sort of wistful smile.

Years later, a couple of days before she starts her last year of high-school, Class Thirteen, there's that wistful smile again. As I have said before, tempus fu**it!

Now then, the choice of video below is not without poignant relevance, my dear... and faithful readers! This is the song that I'd been humming that summer, before loading my text books again and facing another year of so-called education!


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really like that song :)
might get mine too!