Wednesday, September 24, 2008

That hollow feeling

It is seen as the mark of civilised eating, distinguishing well-fed French workers from the English who wolf prawn sandwiches at their desks. But France's tradition of the three-course restaurant lunch is in danger of being killed off by the economic crisis.

Around 3,000 traditional French restaurants, cafes and bars went bust in the first three months of 2008 and unions predict a further rush of closures as people worry about making ends meet. The number of French restaurants going bankrupt rose by 25% from last year, and cafes forced to close were up by 56%.

The full story from the Guardian here.


alexander... said...

That version of Europe looks so much tidier!


nzm said...

And Keefie will be pleased that an island has been made of Spain (and Portugal).

Macthomson said...

Remember, I'm an extreme francophile! I'd regret very much attending the MipCom television conference in Cannes at a depth of several fathoms!