Thursday, October 09, 2008

Commuting woes

Single digit temperature, clammy fog, a chilling fifteen minutes wait on the platform for the connecting train, and in the months to come it will be even less comfortable when I venture out into the wastelands of the industrial zone north of Munich where my client is based.

Now it's perfectly obvious that film and television studio complexes are rarely to be found in the middle of cities. But I look back ten years and recall the luxury of having a car service pick me up from the downtown café where I breakfasted to speed me out to one of the media campus locations in the hinterland of Cologne. Yup, sic transit gloria mundi.

And in the Sandlands getting to my place of work was just a short taxi ride which, although a daily dicing with death, was at least, at less than one Euro including tip, very cheap.

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