Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Nano

There was a gift when she started school, a gadget which was a 'must have' before she took her place in the first class. I think it was a Casio G-Shock watch in pink! Whatever it was, she was smiling prettily on that day so many years ago...

And now she's two weeks into her final year of schooling. There was the suggestion that the iPod Nano might be cheaper in the Sandlands...

It was. And together we un-boxed a black one a couple of evenings ago.

And, of course, the packaging is cute. And the object itself is un-put-downable, a tactile joy.

But... both father and daughter were awed when pressing the 'on' button produced a live screen and fully functioning menus. Out of the box! With no irritating interrruptus, that infuriating overnight charging wait which so often prevents our immediate enjoyment of the new device.

So... picture us having warm and fuzzy thoughts about the clever guys and gals at 1 Infinity Loop!

I have now been informed that daughter's music library has now been transferred to the sleek new Nano. Which mean that the old, poison-green iPod Mini it replaces will now pass into my hands.

I've never actually owned a PMP of any kind before. My taste in music may be eclectic but it is also static; additions to my sound archive are few and far between. But such as my music library is, from Baroque to Buddah Bar, from bagpipes to bajan, it shall now be portable and shuffled!

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nzm said...

I love it when the schultueten are bigger than the kids!

We have pics of Jen's boys with theirs.