Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yes we Cannes! (2)

The Palais des Festivals shortly after sunrise on the first day of the MipCom. My early start was prompted by the fact that my German client was present as an exhibitor and the stand needed some final touches.

But what pretext justifies my posting of a photo by the estimable FaceHunter on the left? My excuses are several. For one thing, the weather was glorious for the entire week, with outfits like the one shown in profusion.

But the reasons were called Valeria, Elena, Julia, Natalya and Anna... Yes, all Russian girls. Three of them were the international sales executives of major Russian broadcasters. Without exception they were very intelligent, very young and very pretty. One showed at about one in the morning that she had other talents, when it was her turn to mount the podium and sit at the piano of an open-air jazz session on the lawn in front of the Grand Hotel. She played a Gershwin prelude and sang two of her own songs. Wow! Were I thirty years younger I dare say my motto would be "Go East, young man, go East!"

I found it amusing, after these encounters in Cannes, that on the day I spent in Paris after the market yet another Russian beauty crossed my path, yet another media professional but this time the Paris correspondent for the Russian edition of a major international fashion magazine.

My readers can surely imagine that I am looking forward to the follow-ups to the dialogues initiated with these amazing ladies, even if they are only via email.

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