Friday, December 19, 2008

Images claires

Jean-Luc Godard pleaded for a clarity of visual grammar back in 1964. At the time film came ion three flavours, 8, 16 and 33mm. At the time photographs were mostly honest representations of reality; 'doctoring' them called for skills which only a few expert re-touchers posessed.

But whence clarity, when an image like the one below is possible? It is a rendering using the latest techniques in the Google Earth toolset. My current 'work in progress' as a weekend novelist has much to do with virtual worlds, our behaviour in the cyber-cosmos and how it insidiously affects our comportment in the world we still call 'real'.

But an image like this, made from photos of the buildings mapped onto 3D computer models, blurs the definition of the 'real' even further... and take me back to 'idées vagues' and somehow disturbing.

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