Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas thoughts

One of these days I would rather like to celebrate a British Christmas again, prezzies before breakfast, down the pub, the lazy lunch, the post-prandial stupor interrupted only by the Queen.

Here in Germany, of course, it will be time for the prezzies tomorrow evening. And, as for the Queen, I guess there'll be excerpts on the day from BBC World News.

However the attached video is not totally lacking in the regal touch. 'Chuck' and 'Cam' were in the British audience when Robin Williams riffed hilariously on current goings on across the pond.

(Thanks, John, for the link from across said pond!)

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nzm said...

Merry Christmas, Mac.

There's something surreal about watching 60s German cowboy movies filmed in Yugoslavia with the captain of the Cavalry yelling Achtung! every time he greets his men.

On Christmas Day.

And my in-laws are wondering why I have the giggles.

I need another slurp of grappa.