Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A breathtaking photo

...of whch this is just a small part. See Simon Hoegsberg's project


alexander... said...

Thanks. Every now and then you manage to post up something that really takes my breath away and this is one of those!

(The rest of the time is interesting, too... :)

nzm said...

This is awesome.

About halfway along - there are a couple of people who really typify Berlin. The Turkish guy on the phone, and in front of him, the 50ish red haired woman eating a currywurst.

There's something about the 50s+ women in Berlin and their red hair. It's like a badge.

In Dresden, it's 2 colour hair - usually red base and streaks of another colour.

As we and our friends near this age, we have made a solemn pact to shoot any of us who dyes our hair red!