Friday, January 30, 2009

Keep calm!

The meme lives on, although I feel this graphic-designer-world insider joke is a bit obscure.

But all of these are having a subtle effect on me... I'm thinking of using Gill Sans from time to time once again, the first time I have been attempted to be unfaithful to FF Din.

I do find it fascinating that Eric Gill's font was introduced in the 1930s, more or less at the same time as the forerunner of the FF Din, DIN 1451 came into wide-spread use.

A further consonance... in the same way that you can't look at text set in Gill Sans without thinking of London Transport, DIN 1451 always evokes the Autobahn.

[Sandlander! Quit blogging! You're feverish! Go home! Get under the duvet!]

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alexander... said...

Ah, but Perpetua. That's where Eric Gill's genius lies, for me. A lovely, lovely, lovely stonecutter's font...