Friday, February 13, 2009

Here I was visiting a stand at the 2008 MipCom event in Cannes. It must have been the final day of the conference, since on day one and day five it is my habit to be splendidly kilted.

Now I have nothing against my gaunt and stooped frame being caught from the back. But the young woman from Poland was very, very attractive. Her colleague should have caught her from the front!

Do I hear you asking whether the HD plasma screen we're looking at is mounted in an ornate gilt frame? Indeed it is. When I remember exactly why this was the case I'll update the post. Maybe the pretty Polish girl will send me an explanatory URL? And a photo?


To my complete surprise I was able to lay hands on the business card I took away from the Artlumino stand. The link explains more about the service offered.

The concept I do find intriguing. My thoughts are at the moment full of half-formed notions concerning the convergence of television and the booming digital signage sector, concerning stop-motion animation and the inherent narrative possibilities.

I feel a creative weekend coming on and I wish the same to my esteemed readers!

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