Friday, April 17, 2009

(Awesome) Weekend Video

Use the icon next to the Vimeo logo to display the video full screen. It's worth it.


Bianca said...

on your site I found an image of the TabChair ( I saw this chair at the Heritage Center in Purfleet (UK) and would like to find out who designed it. Do you know anything about it or do you know where I could find out about it?
Thank you very much,

Macthomson said...

Hi Bianca,

The designer's name was David Bartlett, his partner was the graphich designer, Jon Goodchild (art director of "Oz" and other underground publications of the era). My role was publicity. We had photos if Twiggy sitting in one of the chairs in several tabloids. And filling the salon of Ungaro with TabChairs during the Haute Couture showings got a lot of coverage in the international fashion press. None of us got rich. All of us had fun!

Bianca said...

Thank you for this quick reply. All this sounds fantastic and it would be great to continue the conversation via e-mail:
We are two students at the Royal College of Art in London and know a good story connected to the chair, which we would like to share with you.
Hope to hear from you soon, Bianca and Fabio