Monday, April 06, 2009

Back online

Back in Munich, inspired not only by the telvision program market in Cannes but also by the day prior and after spent in Paris. Which gives me an excuse to post this cute video.

The return journey on Saturday was no uneventful. My rail ticket was for a TGV from Paris to Stuttgart, connecting to an ICE from Stuttgart to Munich.

But in Strasbourg we were all ousted from the train and told that busses would take us by road to Karlsruhe.

I thought of the film Passage du Rhin... at times it has been a difficult river to cross. This time an Ibis Hotel went up in flames as protesters found it necessary yet again to fight yesterday's battles instead of looking for solutions to tomorrow's problems.

I was reminded of this when the bus to Karsruhe took us not only past elaborate police and military deployments protecting the NATO cofernece antendees but also came very close to the Maginot Line, surely an excellent reminder that yesterday's thinking is almost always vulnerable when tomorrow dawns.

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