Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A room with a view

[Okay, the room only cost 80 EUR per night!]

Not that I attend the MipTV and MipCom events in Cannes in order to bask in the sun, but more often than not I've found that balmy weather has made the atmosphere upbeat, particularly for refugees from long northern European winters (the spring event) or blazing Sandlands summers (the autumn event).

This year it rained on all five days.

I recall one year, 1998 perhaps, when the morning of the first day was spent in long meetings on the outdoor terrace which was a highlight of the Sony Entertainment presence. It was warm, sunny, blue-skies, perfect. Only my CEO at the time missed all four subsequent days with a sun-stroke, spending them in his luxury hotel room with the curtains drawn!

Our stand this year was a good refection of our corporate identity and a corner-site has many advantages in terms of visibility for passing traffic...

...traffic to a not negligible extent generated by those who spotted our four-wheeled billboard parked in front of the palais.

I know, I know, a far from politically correct gas guzzler! But definitely eye-candy for petrol heads. Maybe next time we can grab a Tesla.

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