Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skool's out!

A story comes to an end, after thirteen years. Cut!

Thirteen years? Something of a soap opera, then. Yup, basically heart warming, sometimes exciting, a couple of times dramatic, the gamut of emotions, if not from A to Z at least as far as J.

J for Jessica. Who today sat her last Abitur exam.

And so my habit of telephoning my daughter on all mornings when she had school, a habit ingrained and treasured by both of us for thirteen years even if often we were too sleepy to exchange more than yawning greetings... shall end.


However my interest in education persists. After posting yesterday in response to a cue from Michael Rosenblum's blog I continued thinking about the issue into the evening. And I started wondering, as Jeff Jarvis would have us wonder, 'what would Google do?'.

Obviously Michael was having similar thoughts, which he posts today here. He suggests...

"Do to schools what iTunes did to Tower Records."

Sounds like a plan.

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