Friday, June 19, 2009

Absolut Munich

I tend to be a bit snobbish about vodka. Since the seventies in Paris, when vodka and orange was the staple of nocturnal happenings, I have remained loyal to Moskovskaya.
Nevertheless the invitation to the event sponsored by Absolut could not be turned down. The exhibition featuring work of the 'international style elite' was in a trendy gallery on the fringe of downtown Munich. A dozen chroniclers of street fashion were represented in a total of about 180 photos from their blogs.

Now I have subscribed to the excellent FaceHunter blog since late 2005 and last year my daughter became a fan, too. So there was no way we were going to miss this vernissage.

The work shown on the walls was, to be perfectly honest, a mixed bag. The FaceHunter was present in person but I had no chance to chat with him unfortunately.

But there was plenty of time for us to enjoy a display almost as interesting and diverse as the photo prints hung inside the gallery premises. A courtyard filled with bean-bag chairs and a wonderfully warm evening invited the eclectically garbed visitors to turn themselves into exhibition pieces which they did with a desperate earnestness, a 'how-cool-am-I' concours de nonchalance!
Slightly ridiculous...

But... did I not at their age parade along King's Road in pink satin jeans and custom made stacked-heeled knee-high laced snakeskin boots? My daughter would have found me as laughable then as the poseurs in Munich last night!

I did, thanks to this event, discover the work of another style blogger whose work I liked. Gunnar Hämmerle calls himself Styleclicker. That's him below...

Otherwise... I'll stay with the Moskovskaya.

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