Monday, June 22, 2009

Mary, Mary...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
how does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells

and CCTV cameras all in a row

"I got the idea for this a few days ago. I was setting up my camera in a car park near a supermarket in my town, because it had a wall I wanted to use in a 365, away from all the cars. I'd been there literally two minutes and I heard a man shout "Dissemble your camera now!" behind me. He turned out to be from security, and told me to delete any photos I had taken in front of him so he could make sure there were none on my card. I asked him why after I had done so, and he told me that it was because of possible terrorist attacks. Terrorist attacks!!!! At Waitrose [supermarket]!!! At Waitrose in Buxton!!!

I just thought it was crazy. Everywhere has gone completely public safety mad. I mean, seriously - if I really wanted to bomb Waitrose, I'd just walk in through the entrance - I doubt taking pictures of the wall where they leave the litter would do much good. But anyway, I packed up and mooched off elsewhere."

Rosie Hardy on Flickr

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