Thursday, June 18, 2009

New from Animoto

Animoto I have mentioned before. It's an interesting service which creates from your uploaded photos a dynamic slide-show synchronised to the music track of your choice. The demo above, made when Animoto was winner of one of the Webby awards, hints that very soon their service will also be able to handle full-motion video as well as still images.

Now that would offer an even better storytelling tool, chunks of video eye candy, short flashy segments to be dropped into the NLE timeline of a video project. The obvious benefit, the saving of hours which would otherwise be needed to edit such sequences from scratch in Avid, FCP or in Sony Vegas (which I have just bought and plan to install next weekend).

Animoto, another weapon in the arsenal of the DIYLBM brigade (do-it-yourself low-budget media).

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