Friday, July 31, 2009


Finally Bavaria's school kids can start their summer holiday. The have a shorter (six-week) break and it comes later than any other vacation start I know of.

On the platform of the subway station this morning a whole bunch of youngsters were comparing their Zeugnisse, which I guess is best translated as 'report cards'. There were, I am afraid, tears!

Graduating seniors, like the girl-child I still think of as my baby, win their freedom about a month earlier. And now is a good moment to post some pictures from the event at which they all received their Abitur diploma. I found it incredibly depressing, however, that the documentation handed to graduates also included a form for them to fill in in order to be enrolled in the German old age pensions scheme.

Honestly, could there be a more pointed reminder that as soon as school is finished the state wants to constrain you in a further corset, one which is intended to structure your working life for at least forty years and then spit you out at the end with a pittance.

As if the country will be able to afford to pay pensions in 2055!

And I think we raised a daughter who will stay well clear of any state-imposed corsets!

American customs are making their mark on the celebrations marking the end of schooling; the stretch limo is now almost mandatory!

Mami escorted from a far-distant parking slot.

She looks a bit smug between proud Papi and BF!

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